Establishment of "Self-supporting economy”in rural area of underdeveloped countries  is the short cut to end the poverty, and to share the decent human life


Business Goals

T&C KOREA has developed Solar HOPE Camp as the most practical and innovative total solution based on off grid solar PV power to achieve UN’s SDGs and to end the poverty in vulnerable rural life in the underdeveloped countries worldwide , and T&C KOREA’s Solar Hope Camp will provide and realize the followings which are the very common problems in such rural villages.

1. Clean and safe potable water
2. Electric power
3. Medical & health care service
4. On-line connected information & education
5. Agro mill processing for value added commercial business
6. Cooperative shop for daily necessary goods
7. Gender equality improvement by women’s income generation at works
8. Nursery for child care and women’s job opportunity
9. Public hygiene & sanitation for preventing infectious disease 

About Solar Hope Camp

Innovative micro grid solar PV powered platform as a rural downtown  for solving all common problems in underdeveloped rural villages and accelerating urbanization to end poverty through sustainable self-supporting economy establishment.

1. Electric power supply
2. Safe potable water supply
3. Medical health care service
4. On-line information & education
5. Job creation & income generation
6. Village community activation
7. Decent cultural life 

Business Potential

1) Market potential

》 Population In Africa 1.20 bio. 800 mio. lives in underdeveloped rural
》 Solar HOPE Camp 9 can serve for a village of 1,000 households(= 5,000 people)
》 160,000 camps of Solar HOPE Camp 9 can cover the vulnerable 800 mio. people.
》 Solar HOPE Camp 9 needs USD 2.0 mio. Investment.
》 Therefore, 160,000 camps  x USD 2.0 mio.
》 = total USD 320.00 bio. market potential.

2) Practical market potential

》 USD-32.00 bio. as 10% of total for next 10 years
》 Accordingly, USD 3.2 bio. every year until 2030

Business Introduction Video


CAMP Token Economy


CAMP DDRP Economy is the token ecosystem of discount, deposit, buying and payment.
CAMP DDRP Economy activates Token payment through the incentive of discount for Token payment, and stabilize Token volume through deposit, and induce the increase of Token value through large repurchasing.
The  Token economy  is the ecosystem  of demand increase through discount, payment & repurchase, and  of value increase by decrease of selling through deposit , and of  stabilizing the market.


CAMP RB Economy is the ecosystem of repurchasing and burning.

This Economy ecosystem makes the double effect of activation and value increase through demand increase by repurchasing, and supply decrease by burning.

Token burning up to 50% of Crowd Distribution volume. 


CAMP SHC Payment Economy is the payment ecosystem which is the inherent characteristics of utility Token.

Solar Hope Camp Business has two line structure of Business, which are Off Line Business and On Line Business.

Such 2 types of Business requires the payment by CAMP Token to be purchased at Token Exchange. 


CAMP DPB Economy is the ecosystem of donation, discount, payment and burning.It  induce a large amount of Token purchasing at Token Exchange for donation, and  also induce the Token purchasing  at Token Exchange by the donor in Villages and Towns for enjoying discount. As a result it will reduce total volume of Token in the market by burning the donated Token and the payment Token used for discount purchasing.  It has such 3 steps of activation process.






White Paper

Full Version_Eng

White Paper



Business Model

Solar Hope Camp Business has…

Mid-long term profit model out of investment and development of real estate of SHC land,

Short term profit model out of Carbon credit, Sale Biz, Distribution Biz, Medical & health care Biz and Education & IT Biz.

Sale & Distribution Biz example :
- Export of processed Coffee and Sesame from Ethiopia
- Potable water sales in Ethiopia

Expandability and sustainability through advancement Biz after initial Core Biz volume increase.


MOU with Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy for Solar powered water defluoridation


MOU with Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy for Solar powered water defluoridation


Ethiopia MoALR (Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Resource)


Ethiopia FUJCFSA (Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency)


Ethiopia TRSUDTIB (Tigray Regional State Urban Development, Trade & Industry Bureau)


Ethiopia TRSUDTIB (Tigray Regional State Urban Development, Trade & Industry Bureau)


Liberia EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)


Overseas Business
Apr. 2019
Liberia EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) : MOU of Solar Hope Camp construction
Feb. 2019
UNFCC, HFLD Climate Financing Conference, Speaker invitation, Paramaribo
Suriname Government : Project discussion of Solar HOPE Camp for hinterlands, USD 90.00 mio. potential
Jun. 2019
Saudi Arabia Aramco : Project discussion of Solar PURI, 50 units for desert oil drilling sites
Jan. 2019
Ethiopia TRSUDTIB (Tigray Regional State Urban Development, Trade & Industry Bureau) : MOU of Samrt Solar Twon construction ( population of 10,000 & 20,000 people)
Jan. 2019
Ethiopia FUJCFSA (Federal Urban Job Creation and Food Security Agency) :  MOU of Solar Hope Camp construction
Jan. 2019
Ethiopia MoH(Ministry of Health) : project discussion of health post modernization ( 500 locations)
Aug. 2018
Ethiopia MoALR(Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Resource) : MOU of Solar Hope Camp construction
May. 2018
The 53rd African Development Bank, Annual meeting, exhibition of Solar HOPE Camp
Mar. 2017
MOU with Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy for Solar powered water defluoridation

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innovative Solar Micro Grid T&C Korea CO., LTD.

Solar HOPE Camp Coin

Solar HOPE Camp 1 Ethiopia

Solar PURI Ethiopia

Solar Bakery - Ethiopia

[T&C Korea] Rain Solar Puri, International Organizations Procurement Plaza Geneva 2016 by KOTRA

[T&C Korea] Rain Solar Puri, 1st AWC_Water Business Forum in Bali, Indonesia 2016

[T&C Korea] Rain Solar Puri, Singapore International Water Week 2016

T&C Korea] Rain Solar Puri, Installation in Expo Solar 2015

[T&C Korea] Rain Solar Puri, Installation in 7th World Water Forum 2015


Solar Hope Camp

Solar Hope Camp 10 composition for 
1,000 households(5,000 people)

※ Ethiopian rural Cooperatives : 17,600 units with 4,000 ~ 5,000 members per unit

electric power generation capacity
10 units x 15 KW/unit x av.6 hours/day x efficiency 0.8
= 720 KWh per day, and ESS 1,200 KWh (= 1.2 MWh)

Solar HOPE Camp is the total solution

<  Solar HOPE Camp 10  >
can serve for a village with 1,000 houses of 5,000 people.
  → Electric power consumption /Day

  ☼ Solar PURI: 50 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Clinic: 20 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Class: 50 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Care: 20 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Works: 80 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Shop: 30 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Beauty: 20 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Shower: 20 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar AgroMill: 90 KWh/day consume
  ☼ Solar Toilet: 20 KWh/day consume

  = Total   400 KWh/day consume


Electric power availability for micro grid

1. Generation 720 KWh/day – < Solar HOPE Camp10 > 400 KWh/day 
= 320 KWh/day available for micro grid. 

2. Considering the power distribution efficiency 70%(Power Drop), 320 KWh/day x 0.7
= 224 KWh/day can be used by the community micro grid.  
Electric power usage of micro grid

1.  Village street lightings :
    30W/light x 120 post x 12 hrs(6 pm~ 6 am) =
    44 KWh/day for 120 street lightings
2.  Village Public Office Buildings
    60 KWh/day for 3 buildings
3.  Village schools
    80 KWh/day for 2 schools
4.  Reserved
     40 KWh/day

Smart Solar Town

Smart Rural Village & Solar HOPE Camp
Area : 1,000,000 m2 ( 1,000 m x 1,000 m)


Tekeze(Balla Debrits) Town, Tigray in Ethiopia




Athansius Kim

Current) CAMP GLOBAL / Co-founder
Prev.) Mercer Korea
Prev.) Watson Wyatt
Prev.) Hyundai Information Tech
 MBA Master’s Degree, Yonsei University

Seyoung Cha

Current) CAMP GLOBAL / Co-founder
Current) Member of SRO, Korea Blockchain Association
Current) CEO of YHB
Blockchain Executive Education, Korea University

Gyuhwa Jang

Current) T&C KOREA / President
Current) Korea Importers Association /Vice Chairman
- 22 years experience working in Korea T & C
- Graduated from the Department of Industrial Chemistry at Hanyang University
-Industrial technology field and development sales, Overseas business career 36 year

Sangwoo Lee

Prev.) Top Consultant, Keystone Consulting Assessment Center
Prev.) People Insight Group
Bachelor’s Degree, Induk University

Yeongcheol Jang

Current) CTO, Keystone Lab
Prev.) Senior researcher, Indicos
Business Administration, Information and Communication Engineering, Kyung Hee Cyber University
Computer Science, Institute of Information Technology, KwangWoon University

Myungseok Song

Current)  CSO, G-Bridge
Prev.) The Director of Qasset
MBA Master’s Degree, Yonsei University
Bachelor of Agricultural Economics, Seoul National University

Youngsik Go

Current) CAMP GLOBAL / Vice President of Production Headquarters
Current) T & C KOREA / Vice President
- 22 years of working in T & C KOREA
- Production site management

Jinmuk Im

Current) CAMP GLOBAL / Executive Director of Overseas Business Headquarters
Current) T & C KOREA / executive director
- 12 years working in T & C KOREA
- overseas businesses

Eunji Cha

Current) CAMP GLOBAL / Director of Overseas Business Headquarters
Current) T & C KOREA / Director
- 18 years of T & C KOREA working
- overseas businesses

Expert partner & Special advisor

Hajin Jhun

Current) Chairman of Self-Regulatory Organization, Korea Blockchain Association
Current) Advisor, Korea Smart Human Tech Association
Current) Vice President of the Korean Association of Urban Policies
Current) CEO of Siti Plan
Prev.) The Member of the 19th Congress
Prev.) CEO of Hancom

Hajin Jhun is one of the most influential intellectual in South Korea,
Who serve as CEO of Hancom (1998-2001) and the 19th Congress. With numerous successes and failures of the last 30 years as the background, he is the leader that continuously suggests solutions for the future. He is estimating that the life of human beings will change to value-oriented society as it experiences intellectual and quality-wise expansion. He suggested the new city concept named Sustainable Intellectual Technologies Integrated (Siti), cities where the expansion of new, blockchain-based governance, sustainability and happiness of residents can be maximized, and he is giving the best effort to spread it.
He is serving as an advisor of many companies, and is currently the chairman of SRO, Korea Blockchain Association, Advisor of Korea Smart Human Tech Association, Vice-President of The Korea Association of Urban Policies, CEO, Siti Plan, Inc. etc.

2015.   Excellent Member of Saenuri Party Inspection of State Administration
2015. The Second Money Today Top Prize for Law
2015. Grand Award for Parliamentary Politics of South Korea
2015. The 13th Joong Bu Il Boo Yulgok National Politics Prize
2015. The First Money Today Top Prize for Law, Consultant Special Prize
2014. Excellent Member Recommended by the Party for the Secretariat of the National Assembly Legislation and Policy Development
2014. The Good Law National Assembly Member Prize for Dedication
2014. KOFST Excellent Prize for parliamentary politics
2013. Korean Newspapermen’s Association Creative Economy Parliamentary Politics Prize for Contribution
2013. NGO Monitoring Group Prize for Parliamentary Politics
2013. The 11th Simin Ilbo Prize for Parliamentary Politics/Administration
2013. KOFST Excellent Prize for Science Technology-related Parliamentary Politics
The 100 Technology Leading Company Prize by the Global Economy Meeting
1997.   The Presidential Award for Proud New Korean 

Jaejoon Kim

Current) Director, Chungnam Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCCEI)
Prev.) Advisory committee, Chungnam Regional Energy Outlook
Prev.) Senior Researcher, Future industry and Planning Department, Chungnam Techno Park,
Prev.) Chief Researcher, Policy Research Division, FRI

- Ph. D, Economics, Department of Economics, the University of Seoul, 2011 ~ 2014

- Master of Arts, Mathematical Economics, Economics, the University of Seoul, February, 2002

▶“Excellent Paper Award”, AFORE 2017, 17 Nov, 2017, Haeundae Grang Hotel, Busan, Korea
     - A Study of the Macroeconomic Effects expanding New-Renewable Energy as GHG Mitigation Policy in Korea.
▶ Winner of the Best Researcher, Korea Environment Institute, Dec, 2007
     - Project on the Development of Integrated Environmental and Economic Model in Korea

Advisor Group

Jeonghwan Mun

Prev.) CEO of Keystone Consulting International
Prev.) Executive Director of Corporate Financing, Standard Chartered Korea
Doctoral Program(Completed), Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University (2013 ~ Present)
MBA, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Economics, Korea University

Changu Park

Current) CEO of Sebang Global Battery
Prev.) CEO of Woongjin Toray
Prev.) Director of Department of Business Planning, Woongjin Group
MBA, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Textile Engineering, Hanyang University

Hyerim Jo

Current) Professor and Director of Gwangju International Center, KIGEPE
Current) Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of International Studies,
Ewha Womans University
Prev.) UNICEF Korean Committee
Doctorate of International Commerce and Area Studies, Ewha Womans University
Master, School of Education, Boston University

Yeongmin Kwon

Major Shareholder of Tamsrun Tamhada Tamhaso
Director of New business Headquarters, Tom N Toms
Prev.) CEO of JoongAng Ilbo Plus
Prev.) Journalist, JoongAng Ilbo
Bachelor of Philosophy, Sungkyunkwan University

Jongyeong Yun

Professor, Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology,
College of Computing, Hanyang University
Director of DTech Research Institute, Hanyang University
Advisory Professor, Incheon International Airport
Advisory Professor, Korea Airports Corporation
Advisory Professor, Korea Rail Network Authority
Doctorate of Engineering, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany,

Yeongcheol Kim

Current) CEO of G1 Contents
Current) President of Viomix
Current) Steering Committee Member of Korea Federation of SMEs/Chairman of Korea Character Industrial Cooperative Federation
Bachelor of Business Administration, Hongik University

Eunjang Park

Current) CEO of Viomix

Jaekyung Park

Current) CEO of K&P Partners
Current) Productivity Expert Member of TPM, Korean Standards Association
Current) Distribution Innovation Expert Member, the Korea Productivity Center
Prev.) Maeil Business Newspaper
Bachelor in Economics, Yonsei University

Jungseok Choi

Current) Director of Development, Keystone Lab
Prev.) CEO of Futures Brain
Prev.) Director of Loganstone Technology
Prev.) Director of Futures Brain
Bachelor of Business Administration, Korea University

In Park

Current) Director of Springhill Partner
Prev.) PE Headquarters, Orion Capital Management
Prev.) Perpetiel Partners
Prev.) Bell River Finance
Bachelor of International finance, Waseda University

Donghyeon Kim

Current) Department head, Town Mining Company
Prev.) The Finding Department, SsangYong Investment Corp.
Prev.) Investment Evaluation, Standard Venture
Prev.) MK Internet
IR Partners IPO Consulting
KL Tech, TLI, AST KOSDAK Listing Consulting

Solar Hope Camp Business Partner


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